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The doll and toy museum of Baden accommodates the collection of the Baden woman Helga Weidinger, and has been built up in more than 30 years.
The numerous exhibits date from a period of 3 centuries. The oldest piece is a “Guckkasten”  (peep-box) from the year 1760.

Numerous doll's houses and toy shops, among other things, document the life of the past as miniature mirror images.
The abundance of the exhibits tempts us to walk down the memory lane of our own childhood, where life still seemed light-hearted and carefree. 

Visiting Service
Individual - Pay for tickets at the box office.
Guided tours can be arranged by appointment.
CD system with relevant music programs.
Photography permitted

Museum shop
Postcards, posters

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Traffic information

  • public : from Vienna Austrian federal railway, Vienna local train and bus, City bus (Casino stop)
  • car : from Vienna A2, A21, parking near the museum

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